Glasses & Sunglasses


At Healthy Eyes we offer a wide selection of frames to suit all budgets. 

We can also custom order for you if you see frames or sunglasses.


When it’s time to get glasses, the frames should complement the shape of your face.

Here is a starting point around which type of frames will best suit your face shape.

Any shape can work. Choose frames that follow the curve and width of your brows.

Heart shaped:
Choose fine and medium frames that help balance your features.

Look for frames that lengthen your face and add angles to your curves.

Accentuate your face with round and square frames. The goal is to shorten the overall appearance of your face.

Look for geometric frames with color on the top half to balance out your face.

Add curves with circular frames, which will help soften prominent cheeks and jaw line.

Pick the right size of frame your face.

Flatter your face shape by choosing frames that are neither too small nor too large and are in proportion to the size of your face. The top line of the frames should generally follow the curve of the eyebrows, and the frames should feel comfortable and not slip down your nose or move on your face when you smile.

Of course, you can ignore the above and simply pick a pair because you love them! Talk with your optometrist about getting the right pair for clear and comfortable vision, while ensuring you look great.



These are the simplest form of vision correction and consist of lenses to correct hyperopia (longsightedness) and myopia (shortsightedness). Today there are many lenses to choose from, including the latest technology in high index lenses which greatly reduce the lens thickness and weight for those who require high powered lenses.


Bifocal lenses correct distance and near vision in the same lens with a visible dividing line on the lens separating the two sections. The upper half corrects the distance vision and the lower half corrects the near vision. Bifocals used to be very popular but now multifocals lenses are more commonly used.


Multifocal lenses are similar to bifocal lenses in that they correct distance and near vision in presbyopia however there is no visible line through the lens – the power increases gradually through the lens and mimics your own natural vision. Anybody who has worn reading glasses will realise that it can be frustrating when your distance vision is blurred when you look up from what you are reading and look at your computer or across the room. Multifocal lenses allow you to see both what you are reading, your computer and across the room while leaving your glasses on. There is a large range of multifocal lenses including the latest Lifestyle designs from Hoya. This type of lens uses the latest technology to minimise some of the distortions which were experienced in earlier version of multifocals.


Use of the latest high-index materials is available in all forms of vision correction. Essentially it allows higher powered lenses to become thinner and lighter than conventional lenses. This looks cosmetically more pleasing to the eye and because it is lighter it means that it is more comfortable to wear.


Most sunglasses we keep in stock can be made into prescription sunglasses in either single-vision or multifocal lenses. We can match the tint of the original frame or tint to a colour and density that you prefer. Polarised lenses are very popular as these are most suited to reduce glare. This type of lens is great if you love the beach or find glare an issue. 


Transition lenses are clear indoors and at night but automatically adjust their tint according to the level of UV light outdoors. They are convenient as you have both your clear lenses and sunglass lenses in the one frame. They are available in all forms of vision correction.


Tints to control unwanted higher blue end wavelengths of light emitted by our E device screens plus double sided anti-reflection coatings combined with scratch resistant coatings protect the lens surface, improve your screen comfort & safety and night vision clarity. And without lens reflections your spec frames appear optically empty. Your eyes can be seen clearly behind your lenses. With these lens coatings and thinner smarter lens technologies you’ll see better and look your best in specs.