Experience the Freedom

Contact lenses offer flexibility and freedom for your active lifestyle… great for weekend wear or everyday convenience.

Now almost everyone can wear contact lenses including people with special and complex optical needs. Just ask us about what lens technologies are now available for your vision needs and eye shape during your eye examination.


  • Daily disposables – Convenience even for multifocal lens wearers and astigmatism!

  • 30 night continuous wear – enjoy vision round the clock for up to a month

  • New Moisture enhancing lenses– For combating dryness in air conditioning and screen work

  • Myopia control lenses – Ortho-Keratology – especially advisable for young people with accelerating myopia (short sightedness).


  • Extended wear/continuous wear contact lenses for people who want to see at any hour of the day or night.

  • Multifocal contact lenses for people who don’t want to wear reading glasses full time or struggle to find that “sweet spot” in their multifocal glasses to view their computer screen

  • Faxing/emailing us your order for contact lenses. If we have your current prescription on file we can supply. If not, we’ll help you obtain your necessary prescription.

  • 24-48 hours lead time in receiving your supply of disposable contact lenses.


  • To confirm that your contact lens design is still the best and healthiest choice for your eyes and your lifestyle – and that you are caring for your contact lenses correctly, book in for a contact lens examination annually!

  • Your contact lens material may not be compatible with all lens disinfecting solutions. Ask your optometrist’s advice before changing your disinfecting solution. The wrong soaking solution can seriously affect the performance and comfort of your lens on your eye